The Exhibition

In term 3 we started something called the exhibition. The exhibition is when you get into groups of 3 or 4 and research a topic. The topic that I and my group researched was poverty and homelessness. My favourite part about the exhibition was making our little clay houses. This was my favorite part because we got to go over to each other’s houses and work on them. Me and sienna reserched about Africa and Milly and Jaemi reserched into Korea. The most challenging aspect of the exhibition was finishing our lines of inquiry. I found this the most challenging part because we had to look up lots and lots of information and put all of it into our own words. Last thursday and friday we presented all our work to our parents and the rest of he children in the junior school.


Year Seven Orientation 2017

This week we had the year 7 Orientation for 2018. We had girls come over from different schools around sydney and we took part in all different games and challenges.

The first day mainly consisted of tests that go towards what classes we are going to be in next year. We also had different coloured groups that we had to go into to play games my group where the orange group. For lunch on monday we had popers, sauage rolls and party pies. Lunch on tuesday we had poppers and sausage rolls. We took part in activities such as food tech, sport, science, drama and art. Food tech was my favorite activity because I love cooking. On tuesday afternoon we had a couple of year 10 girls come around to the drama studio and answer some of our questions.

Governments And Power

Q and A Session Mrs Hoare

In the class Q/A session a number of points about Government and Power were discussed. One speaker Mrs Hoare, talked about Racism in South Africa. The treatment of black people in South Africa is different to how the white people got treated. They way you were treated was determined by whether you were black or white, this was figured out by getting a pencil and putting it in the child’s hair and if it fell out you were white and if it stayed in you were determined black. When she said it was determined by a pencil, the first thought that came into my mind was what if they were black but the pencil stayed in your hair. I also thought it was pretty silly as well.


Another point she stated is how black people had to undergo tests to get into certain area’s even school. I was shocked to hear about how if somebody was black they had to prove themselves if they wanted to do the same thing that white people did without doing any tests. I was also amazed about this because this never happened in Australia because racism isn’t promoted by people in power like it is in South Africa. Jacob Zuma was responsible for the people but because he didn’t like black people and he was in charge he wanted to make that clear.

Passion Project Week 7


I’m really happy how my book has turned out. I picked it up from Office Works today with mum and sister. I have got at least 1 or 2 pages for each family member in my family. On the table there will be pictures of the process, my book and some pictures of family members that I couldn’t manage to fit in. The aspect I enjoyed most was me getting my book from Officeworks. This was my favorite part because I got to see how it turned out and I got to look at how I could improve it next time as well. The thing I learnt most from this experience was, always save your work when you’ve finished so it doesn’t delete. If I could do it again I would put a couple more questions in for my family to answer.


A highlight for me would be making the book and ordering it online and also getting the cork board from officeworks, printing out the photos and sticking them on the poster. Another highlight for me was presenting my work. I enjoyed this bit because I got to go around and look at what everybody did as well as people looking at mine and saying that it was really good and they enjoyed looking at it.


A challenge for me would be when it kept deleting because I didn’t save the book. Also my laptop kept going out of charge and I’d have to wait until the next day to keep working on it. I also got really stressed out when the writing didn’t fit onto one page.

Would I change anything?

Next time I would change The font and writing. I would make all the writing black not colorful. I would also change the font so it wasn’t so formal.


Passion Project Week 6

I’m so happy how my book has come out! We got the email 2 days ago that my book is ready to pick up from office works. I have looked at it and made sure that it is the right size and the right colour. I’m excited because I am pretty much done with my Pasion Project. All I have to do now is pick it up from Office Works and make sure the plans are all done.

I’ll keep you updated😊😊



Passion Project Week 5

I’m really happy how my book has come out. This week I have waited for my book to come, Sadly it hasn’t come yet but hopfully it will in the next 2 weeks. This week I have just been focusing on how the table is going to look and how i’m going set the book out so everbody can look at it. One other thing that I have done is I have made a Passion Project scrapbook with an old book lying around my house.

I’m so excited to see the finshed result and I hope you are too.😀

I’ll keep you updated -Anna😃

Passion Project Week 4

I’m really happy how my book has come out. I have ordered it of Office Works witch is a Australian Website/Shop. All that I’ve got to do now is wait for it to come and make sure I have done everything I need to do.

Such As

  • Wait for my book to come
  • Draft out how it’s going to look on the table
  • Figure out what I’m going to do once it’s come
  • Print out my information


Passion Project Week 3

This week has been really exciting! As you already know I am doing a family Scrapbook for my Passion Project. 😄😄

What have I done so far? I have made up a draft plan for my Passion Project so I know what to do along the way. I will probably change it if I need to but it’s always good to know what your doing. So you dont get stuck.

These are the Materials I need

  • Coloured Papper
  • Pens
  • White Papper
  • Folder
  • Templates
  • Ruler
  • Pencils
  • Board

So now that I’ve got all of those materials I need to get started.

  1. Go on my mums computer and go on the office works website.
  2. Start making the scrapbook on Office Works
  3. Draw out some plans on how it’s going to look.
  4. Set out how it’s going to look on my desk.
  5. Order my book.
  6. Wait 7-10 days for it come.
  7. Get everything set out.
  8. SHARE!!😀😀

By the end of my project I will know that I have learned a new skill.☺️☺️😃😃

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